Equitise launches group investment platform

Crowdfunding specialist Equitise is launching a group investment platform giving retail investors opportunities to back start-ups vetted by high-profile venture capitalists and angel investors.

The crowdfunding investment platform is collaborating with investors such as Freelancer chief executive Matt Barrie and venture capital firm Reinventure to launch the syndicate platform, which is based on the success of the American and European model AngelList.

Investors in Reinventure's group, for example, will be able to co-invest in investment opportunities they have vetted and are investing in themselves.

"We wanted to open up the best investment opportunities to eligible investors and provide them with an opportunity to diversify their investment portfolios and easily access interesting pre-vetted investments, something they had never had the chance to do before," Equitise managing director and co-founder Chris Gilbert said.

The model aims to further democratise investing in Australia with a view to taking the highly scalable syndicate model global, he said.

Crowdfunding legislation introduced by the Treasurer Scott Morrison late last year is expected to pass in the Senate later this month.

The bill recognises "crowd-sourced funding" as an emerging form of funding that allows entrepreneurs to raise funds from a large number of investors. It aims to finance innovative business ideas and additional investment opportunities for retail investors.

To date, Equitise has more than 16,000 investors in its network, screened over more than 5000 startups and later stage private companies, and facilitated four IPOs.

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