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Phil King's Regal Funds Management has returned money to external investors for one of its smaller funds, but will continue to run the strategy internally.
In a somewhat surprising move, banks are lifting some of their term deposit rates despite the Reserve Bank of Australia slashing the cash rate to an all-time low of 0.25% last week.
Pinnacle Investment Management's director of institutional sales is leaving the role for a $12.8 billion multi-boutique.
The major life insurer has confirmed several roles within its life insurance distribution team have been made redundant as a result of a restructure.
ELIZABETH MCARTHUR   A former authorised representative of Charter Financial Planning has been charged over what the judge described as a betrayal of his clients.
ALLY SELBY   Advisers are the most trusted source of information surrounding the impacts of COVID-19, above government sources and the media, according to research coming out of MLC Wealth.
HARRISON WORLEY  |    12:31PM   TCorp has increased issuance into its 2025 floating rate note, as investors seek shelter from the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on financial markets.
ALLY SELBY  |    11:36AM   Diversification has emerged as many investors' saving grace during the COVID-19 sell-off, however more than a third are disappointed with their performance during the downturn.
KANIKA SOOD  |    12:31PM   Challenger Life has tilted its investment portfolio away from equities and sub-investment grade fixed income and towards more liquid assets, as COVID-19 sparks volatility in most asset classes.
ELIZA BAVIN  |    11:46AM   TAL has issued a stern response following recent media speculation that the insurer was ceasing cover to those affected by COVID-19.
ELIZABETH MCARTHUR  |    12:20PM   Self-managed superannuation funds that own commercial premises leased to a related party have been handed some relief form the impacts of COVID-19.
ELIZABETH MCARTHUR   Self-managed super fund professionals and trustees may be feeling some deja-vu, as the same measures that were used in 2008 have been brought in to guide the sector through the COVID-19 pandemic.
BENJAMIN ONG  |    11:18AM   What will be the new world economic order after this crisis has passed?
BENJAMIN ONG   The virus will dictate the time it takes for economic activity to return to normal, just as it will dictate the depth of the recession, the height of the unemployment rate and the amount of additional dollars spent to bribe it to go away.
ELIZABETH MCARTHUR  |    4:08PM   Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced $130 billion over the next six months in an extraordinary wage subsidy.
KANIKA SOOD  |    12:22PM   Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has announced that all proposed foreign investment into Australia will be subject to regulatory approval to protect national interests during the COVID-19 crisis.
HARRISON WORLEY   A former Westpac operations manager has been appointed to lead the financial advice capabilities of a listed wealth manager.
ELIZABETH MCARTHUR   The former chief operating officer for Link Fund Solutions has a new role in client relationship management.
ELIZABETH MCARTHUR  |    12:10PM   The government's plan to allow early access to super for those who have lost jobs and livelihoods as a result of COVID-19 is an enormous hurdle with a strict deadline - one that administrators admit they might struggle to meet.
HARRISON WORLEY  |    12:09PM   The $16 billion industry superannuation fund has shrugged off its recent administration struggles to become the super fund with the most satisfied members.
HARRISON WORLEY   The Australian Stock Exchange has been forced to delay the replacement of its CHESS system.
ALLY SELBY   Netwealth and HUB24 have kept interest rates on cash accounts at 0%, following the Reserve Bank of Australia's rate cut of 25bps on Thursday.
KANIKA SOOD   There's now an index that tracks the value of collectable Hermes bags and they returned 13% in 2019, beating annual returns of other collectables like cars, jewellery, art and rare whisky.
KANIKA SOOD   Sydney is more expensive than Dubai and has the world's priciest business class flights but best-value luxury shopping, says a new report.
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