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The industry superannuation fund is partnering with a global private investments firm to establish a private equity emerging managers program in the US.
While the majority of members are not engaged with their superannuation, women are taking the lead and contributing more to their nest egg, new Vanguard Australia research suggests.
Australian Ethical is assessing its investments in Facebook after the social media giant allowed the recent mass shootings in Christchurch to be live streamed.
Assistant Treasurer Stuart Robert has taken aim at the financial services industry over its "lazy" attitude in dealing with inactive superannuation accounts.
KARREN VERGARA   ASIC permanently banned a former Financial Wisdom financial adviser from working in financial services.
HARRISON WORLEY   The Association of Financial Advisers has stepped up its opposition to the Royal Commission's final report, claiming the inquiry failed to acknowledge the value of advice.
KANIKA SOOD   Regal Funds Management's key people have just acquired equity stakes in the boutique for the first time, after Phil King's family bought back a 30% stake from Ascalon.
KANIKA SOOD   The boutique that took over a slice of UBS Asset Management's assets in December says listed infrastructure could return 12-14% in the next 12 months, the Financial Standard Advisers Big Day Out heard.
ELIZABETH MCARTHUR   The life insurance industry is pushing ahead with the rollout of new rules on genetic testing despite a delay.
HARRISON WORLEY   TAL went back-to-back, winning the Association of Financial Advisers' Life Company of the Year award for a second year running in Sydney recently.
HARRISON WORLEY   The flow of retirement savings from superannuation funds to the self-managed sector continues. But is the river drying up?
KANIKA SOOD   A fund that gives SMSFs and HNWs exposure to unlisted infrastructure assets like airports and toll roads is planning to raise $50 million in March
BENJAMIN ONG   The lesson from 2011 is that the RBA's non-proactive response forced it to lower interest rates by more than it should, if only it paid attention to the slowing employment growth trend.
BENJAMIN ONG   The Fed gave the markets what they expected - it kept rates at 2.25%-2.5%.
KARREN VERGARA   Swiss bank UBS AG has been slapped with a £27.6 million ($51.1m) fine for breaching reporting rules stretching nearly a decade.
HARRISON WORLEY   Assistant Treasurer Stuart Robert has taken aim at the financial services industry over its "lazy" attitude in dealing with inactive superannuation accounts.
ELIZABETH MCARTHUR   The $46 billion industry fund for health and community service workers has appointed a new director.
HARRISON WORLEY   AMP Capital hired a former Apple operations executive as a senior adviser in its infrastructure equity business.
KARREN VERGARA   Rest is seeing an uptake to its recently launched low-cost indexed options thanks to the Barefoot Investor.
ELIZABETH MCARTHUR   Macquarie Bank revealed in a note to brokers it has made significant changes to its product offerings.
ELIZABETH MCARTHUR   A global cryptocurrency exchange announced it is testing out a new way to buy bitcoin with cash, choosing Adelaide for the experiment.
ELIZABETH MCARTHUR   The US cryptocurrency exchange that released the first bitcoin futures contracts has had a change of heart.
KANIKA SOOD   A new tribe of art collectors is emerging across the globe as younger high-net-worth individuals loosen their purse strings to buy more readily than the old guard, says a new UBS report.
KANIKA SOOD   A prominent high-net-worth financial adviser is aiming to have 7-10% of his clients' portfolios in alternatives as the markets mature but he's eschewing hedge funds and picking private assets instead.
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