Rainmaker unveils the best wholesale managed funds

An Australian Unity fund has topped Rainmaker's analysis of top-performers in the wholesale managed funds sector over the last three years.

The Australian Unity Retail Property Fund delivered 25.1% in the three years to March 2019, outstripping its sector's median of 9.9%. The $300.25 million unlisted fund invests in shopping centres and other retail-based properties.

The latest Wholesale Managed Funds Performance report ranked Fidelity China Fund (20.1%) as the next top-performing fund, followed by T. Rowe Price's Global Equity Fund (19.1%), Pendal's MicroCap Opportunities Fund (17.2%), the MLC Horizon 7 Accelerated Growth Portfolio (14.1%) and the Dimensional Australia Value Trust (11.9%).

The top-performing sector was international equities, achieving a 13% median return net of fees.

Australian large cap equities delivered median returns of 11.2%, while the small caps space earned 9.9%.

International fixed interest was the lowest-performing sector at 3.4%, followed by Australian fixed interest at 4.1%.

Rainmaker head of investment research John Dyall said: "Currency has added a lot to the international equities returns if you are unhedged, while Australian resource stocks have eclipsed returns from industrials."

He cautions investors to look behind the headline investment return figures because consistency of returns is just as important.

"While headline returns are a key measurement of success for managed funds, consistency of returns and the ability of a fund to match its performance to its stated investment objective are also crucial factors when comparing funds," Dyall said.

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