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Wealth division overhauled in latest NAB restructure
By Mark Smith  |  In Executive Appointments
11:35 am
Fri, 22 July
Focus on older men will kill financial planning
By Alex Burke  |  In Financial Planning
9:46 am
Fri, 22 July
The over-representation of over-50 men in financial advice spells doom for the industry, according to Affinia head Marcus O'Sullivan. Read more
PROFILE: Metlife chief executive Deanne Stewart
By Kerrie Sydee  |  In Insurance
10:47 am
Fri, 22 July
A born leader, Deanne Stewart, chief executive of MetLife Australia, has both a love of numbers and desire to help others, two things that have driven her commitment to creating change in the financial services industry. Read more
Super gets reality check on engagement
By Darren Snyder  |  In Superannuation
9:44 am
Fri, 22 July
Choice chief executive Alan Kirkland told superannuation funds a few home truths this week, relaying several member perceptions about the industry ahead of research to be released by the consumer advocacy group. Read more
Diversity isn't going to a Chinese restaurant: PwC
By Alex Burke  |  In Economics
9:39 am
Fri, 22 July
Diversity in corporate governance means more than the board of directors going to a Chinese restaurant now and then, according to PwC partner Ken Woo. Read more
Millennials getting personal with ANZ robo-adviser
By Alex Burke  |  In Technology
9:48 am
Fri, 22 July
Millennials were more interested in asking ANZ's IBM Watson-powered robo-adviser whether it was married to Siri than getting insurance information, according to ANZ Group Innovation channel development manager Jeanette Cheah. Read more
Independent body will make new standards simpler: FPA
By Kerrie Sydee  |  In Financial Planning
11:13 am
Fri, 22 July
The establishment of an independent standards body will make the professional standards transition clearer and easier to comply with, according the Financial Planning Association (FPA) chief executive Dante De Gori. Read more
Regulator issues new risk management guidance
By Darren Snyder  |  In Regulatory
11:22 am
Fri, 22 July
Responsible entities of managed funds are receiving further guidance around risk management as ASIC aims to ensure adaptability in changing market conditions. Read more
World first green bond raises $300m
By Kerrie Sydee  |  In Investment
11:30 am
Fri, 22 July
The Victorian Government green bond, issued on 19 July, has raised $300 million and will be used to help finance and refinance Victorian state investments in energy efficiency, renewable energy generation, low carbon public transport and energy efficient ... Read more
Brexit won't impact Australia greatly: Treasurer
By Darren Snyder  |  In Regulatory
11:45 am
Fri, 22 July
The body representing Australia's top four financial authorities says the country is well placed to manage the economic and financial repercussions of Brexit. Read more
Economic Wrap
By Alex Dunnin  |  In Economics
11:57 am
Fri, 22 July
NZ lifts home deposit minimums; US financial literacy improves but is still appalling; US oil production boom. Read more
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