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AFA calls for adviser leadership
By Alex Burke  |  In Financial Planning
12:00 pm
Fri, 24 Apr
ISA urges government to keep super safety net
By Alex Burke  |  In Superannuation
12:40 pm
Fri, 24 Apr
Industry Super Australia has called for the super safety net to be retained, arguing that scrapping it would collectively cost employers $1.8 billion. Read more
Women outperforming all men boardrooms
By Darren Snyder  |  In Economics, Investment
12:30 pm
Fri, 24 Apr
A recently launched gender diversity index is showing ASX200 companies who have more than 25% of women on their boards are outperforming all male boardrooms by more than 7% per annum. Read more
New law to add clarity to business sales
By Laura Millan  |  In Regulatory
12:25 pm
Fri, 24 Apr
Draft legislation released by the Federal Government is expected to end uncertainty around business sale transactions. Read more
Small cap fund opens to retail investors
By Laura Millan  |  In Investment
12:20 pm
Fri, 24 Apr
The Cromwell Phoenix Opportunities Fund is now open to a wider range of retail investors after the manager developed a product disclosure statement (PDS) for the fund. Read more
Mining capex in a hole
By Darren Snyder  |  In Economics, Investment
12:35 pm
Fri, 24 Apr
The outlook for capital expenditure adding to Australia's GDP from anywhere outside of mining is "abysmal" according to BlackRock investment strategist and head of fixed income, Steve Miller. Read more
Investec acquires Sydney warehouse
By Alex Burke  |  In Investment
12:15 pm
Fri, 24 Apr
Investec Australia Property Fund has acquired a $19.17 million industrial warehouse in Glendenning, Sydney. Read more
JPM launches market insights app for advisers
By Laura Millan  |  In Technology
12:20 pm
Fri, 24 Apr
J.P. Morgan has launched a market insights mobile app that allows advisers to build tailored presentations with charts and economic analysis for their clients. Read more
Lonsec launches modelling tool
By Mark Smith  |  In Financial Planning
12:40 pm
Fri, 24 Apr
Lonsec Research has launched a new tool to help advisers model goals and outcomes for individual clients. Read more
Managed Account Holdings to invest in advisory firms
By Darren Snyder  |  In General, Investment
12:25 pm
Fri, 24 Apr
Managed Account Holdings recently announced it will be investing into financial advisory firms with a $5 million expansion capital proposal to wholly owned subsidiary Planner Holdings Limited (PHL). Read more
Tech stock tech stock (tick tock tick tock)
By Benjamin Ong  |  In Economics
10:00 am
Fri, 24 Apr
Rip van Winkle would have thought it was an ordinary day in the life of the tech market if he went to bed on 10 March 2000 - when the benchmark tech index was at 5,048.62 points - and woke up 15 years ... Read more
Market Wrap PM
By AAP  |  In Economics
12:40 pm
Fri, 24 Apr
The Australian share market has opened higher as investors pile into resources stocks. Read more
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