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Pillar sold to Mercer
By Darren Snyder  |  In Superannuation, Technology
12:50 pm
Fri, 2 December
Challenger distribution chief departs for start-up role
By Alex Burke  |  In Executive Appointments
12:32 pm
Fri, 2 December
Challenger's chief executive, distribution, marketing and research has resigned from the company. Read more
ANZ appoints sustainable head
By Kerrie Sydee  |  In Executive Appointments
12:17 pm
Fri, 2 December
A crucial member to the development of ANZ's green bond capabilities has been promoted as head of the bank's sustainable finance solutions team. Read more
New chair at LGIAsuper
By Jamie Williamson  |  In Executive Appointments
12:03 pm
Fri, 2 December
Queensland superannuation fund LGIAsuper has appointed a new chair. Read more
Robo is the adviser's new best friend
By Kerrie Sydee  |  In Financial Planning
12:10 pm
Fri, 2 December
Robo-advice has the ability to grow client bases and firm profitability if advisers are prepared to evolve and reflect a new generation of clients. Read more
Super slow to embrace advice opportunity
By Alex Burke  |  In Superannuation
12:42 pm
Fri, 2 December
While super funds are increasingly investing in digital engagement, only a minority are employing robo-advice services, according to IQ Group research. Read more
Asset managers must consider multi-asset
By Kerrie Sydee  |  In Investment
12:23 pm
Fri, 2 December
Asset managers looking to win business in an increasingly outsourced world must consider becoming multi-asset specialists, according to new research from Cerulli Associates. Read more
Return to value-based investing on horizon
By Jamie Williamson  |  In Investment
12:04 pm
Fri, 2 December
A return to value-based investing is on the cards with several indicators demonstrating that global and domestic economies have reached an inflection point, an Australian fund manager says. Read more
FOX launches private investor centre
By Alex Burke  |  In Family Office
12:36 pm
Fri, 2 December
The global Family Office Exchange (FOX) has launched a new suite of tools and networking facilities and appointed a new president to oversee them. Read more
Economic Wrap
By Benjamin Ong  |  In Economics, Investment
10:38 am
Fri, 2 December
Australia capex down but AiG manufacturing up. US manufacturing up while China's up and down. Read more
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