CountPlus rolls out new service to member firms

CountPlus extended its partnership with Xero to provide access for all member firms to the company's cloud-based accounting software.

This extended partnership was referred to a "platinum agreement" by CountPlus chief executive Matthew Rowe, who explained: "This is a significant step forward in 'value add' for the member firms and further proof of our commitment to deliver on the 'partnership' aspect of our core strategy."

"We understand success is symbiotic, and we will therefore continue to negotiate value with technology and other suppliers like Xero to deliver competitive advantages to all our member firms - both existing and new," Rowe said.

Rowe added that the extension of service to all member firms reflects CountPlus' new "owner-driver-partner" business model, which was also evidenced by member firm Robson Partners acquiring Walker & Andrews in April.

Discussing this at the time, he said: "To compete and succeed, the company has indicated it will step up and out of the 100% ownership model and move to one where our principals 'own and drive' their firms without loss of identity, while partnering with CountPlus using agreed team rules, shared processes and controls, improved funding and economies of scale."

"This 'best of both worlds' approach will ground firms with a strong notion of perpetuity and custodianship, as well as a renewed strength to overcome the myriad challenges that operating and growing a successful practice brings," he said.

Robson Partners director David Evers added he was pleased to be one of the first firms within CountPlus to "avail ourselves for the owner, driver, partner approach."

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