Pengana adds social measures to impact reporting

The $3 billion fund manager has incorporated social measures into its WHEB Asset Management Impact Report for the first time.

Pengana launched its 2017 WHEB Asset Management Impact report, incorporating four social measures in addition to the five environmental measures previously included. According to Pengana, the report demonstrates how funds invested in the Pengana WHEB Sustainable Impact Fund made a positive social impact, with the fourth edition now considering education, wellbeing, safety and health.

Pengana said $1 million invested in the WHEB Sustainable Impact Fund in 2017 equated to the provision of 63 days of tertiary education, in addition to $118,000 of saved costs to the healthcare system, and 32 people receiving healthcare treatment.

Additionally, Pengana said the same investment also resulted in the generation of 387MWh of renewable energy, the treatment of 8.7 million litres of waste water and the recovery or and recycling of 52 tonnes of waste material - equivalent to the total waste produced by 31 Australian households. For investors looking to understand their impact, Pengana launched an online impact calculator - allowing investors to see the outcomes achieved from personal investment in the fund.

Pengana director of distribution Damian Crowley said more investors wanted to invest sustainably.

"We are seeing significant growth in the number of investors and their advisors wanting to invest their money sustainably. This latest Impact Report and the Impact Calculator illustrate how investors are having a positive impact on people and the planet, by quantifying the positive impact of their investments," Crowley said.

WHEB asset management managing partner George Latham said the firm believed the performance of the fund was because of its focus on businesses with a positive impact.

"The fund's superior risk-adjusted returns are testament to WHEB's fundamental investment philosophy: that companies producing goods and services that address the challenges of sustainability are exposed to structural growth and well positioned to deliver superior returns," Latham said.

"We believe our investment performance is because of, rather than despite, the Fund's focus on businesses with a positive impact."

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