Advisers choose their own journey on BT hub

The ability to select adviser services on an as needed basis will be the key ingredient to growth in BT Financial Group's newly-launched adviser hub.

Commencing this week and first flagged in July, BT Open Services is a financial adviser hub set up to support advice practices with services such as: AFSL transition support; ASFL responsible manager support; customisable client marketing; technical support; governance support; insights; and a schedule of educational and networking events.

The hub follows the launch of BT Open in July, which included pricing changes across investment platforms and the launch of BT Panorama Compact.

BT Open Services is open to all advisers and licensees irrespective of whether they have a relationship with BT platforms.

Head of BT Open, Phil Butterworth said the adviser hub "offers advisers and licensees with access to BT services and negotiated rates with third party providers to support advisers' business capability."

These third parties provide services including research, compliance support, training, professional indemnity insurance and advice software support.

BT Open's pricing framework means advisers only pay for the services they choose to use.

Butterworth said: "We know advisers can spend a lot of time sourcing different services and third-party providers which can be time consuming for their business. BT Open Services improves efficiencies by bringing together these services in one hub, so advisers can focus on what they do best, helping clients and running their business."

"We've unbundled the traditional adviser services offering so advisers can pick and choose services to support their practice. We will broaden the offer over time as we continue to meet the preferences and needs of advisers and licensees," he said.

Self-licensed advice businesses also have the opportunity to join the BT Open Principals' Community, where they can be part of a network of advice professionals which encourages "collaboration, peer-led learning and provides access to professional development opportunities."

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