Custodial excellence recognised

The Australian Custodial Services Association celebrated excellence in custodial services yesterday, at the 2020 installment of its annual ACSA Awards during the Investment Operations Conference in Sydney.

The association recognised HSBC regulatory compliance manager Siv Vijayanathan, and JP Morgan vice president of marketing and communications, Teri Thomas.

ACSA chair David Knights paid tribute to Thomas and Vijayanathan, noting both had volunteered their time to advance the association's cause.

"The annual ACSA Awards are the main way we show our gratitude to the people of the asset servicing industry who volunteer their time to support our mission. Without these people, the work of ACSA would grind to a halt, so we are thankful for their time, energy and efforts," Knights said.

Knights said Vijayanathan had been a "key contributor" to the association's regulatory affairs working group, pointing to his close involvement in the preparation and submission of industry responses to two new separate disclosure requirements, infrastructure and media ownership.

"This work has involved ACSA engaging with two new regulatory bodies, the Critical Infrastructure Centre and the Australian Communications and Media Authority," Knights noted.

Thomas was recognised for her efforts in emphasising the association's core mission, and for promoting a "strong diversity and inclusion agenda".

"Teri Thomas became chair of the ACSA Members and Services working group in 2019 and has brought new perspectives and energy to the role," Knights said.

"She has also led the discussion on how ACSA positions itself internally and externally."

The association's service to the industry award was presented to State Street head of global services Daniel Cheever, with Knights recognising his 21 years of service to the sector.

Cheever sat on the ACSA board from 2013 to 2018 as deputy chair, and worked as the sponsor of the regulator working group throughout the "challenging introduction" of Stronger Super reporting.

"Daniel's sense of calm and pragmatism in his approach to clients' requirements and the complexity of change is well recognised," Knights said.

"His counsel is sought out across the industry by clients, consultants and peers alike."

Knights said that because of the industry's voluntary working group structure, the support of those working in asset servicing is crucial.

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