Crime victims should receive super access: Poll

Financial Standard readers mostly support a Federal Government proposal which would see victims of horrific crimes have an ability to access the superannuation balances of perpetrators.

The publication's weekly spot poll shows about two-thirds (63%) of respondents either agree or strongly agree to the statement: Victims of serious crimes should be able to access the superannuation of the perpetrator.

Less than one-quarter (24%) of respondents either disagree or strongly disagree to the statement. About 13% were unsure.

The poll was generated around the Government recently announcing it would set about drafting legislation on the matter with an aim to be released for consultation before the end of 2018.

"For too long those people who have perpetrated these horrific crimes have been able to hide behind a shield whereby they would not give access to their superannuation assets to their victims because of the laws that are currently in place," Federal Minister for Revenue and Financial Services, Kelly O'Dwyer, said.

"This denies those victims access to compensation that they in ordinary circumstances would be able to have. And we don't think it's right."

O'Dwyer added she doesn't envisage there will be any opposition to such reform.

"I think most fair minded people would see these changes as long overdue and a recognition that individuals who have been impacted by these horrific sorts of crimes should be able to get proper access to compensation and that just because assets are held in a superannuation account should not mean that those victims should not gain access to it," she said.

This week's poll asks whether SMSFs are unfairly targeted over property investment and borrowing.

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