New strategic advisory lead at Willis Towers Watson

Willis Towers Watson announced a new head of strategic advisory, investments.

Jessica Melville steps up to the position after 10 years with the firm, joining in 2008 as an analyst.

Prior to joining Willis Towers Watson, Melville worked as an investment analyst at Pengana Capital for two years.

Willis Towers Watson director of investments in Australia Martin Gross said Melville has been an ambassador for the investment team.

"Jessica is multi-talented having worked in a number of manager research teams, advised a range of clients and is now demonstrating her skills in the areas of governance, culture and organisational design," Goss said.

He added that strategic advisory is considered a key element in the firm's strategy for assisting asset owners.

"Strategic advisory is particularly relevant in the context of the evolving asset owner community in Australia," Goss said.

"As the funds and their internal teams merge and grow we are able to help them on their evolution, providing insights to improve their governance and organisational design driven by learnings from global best practice tailored to their individual circumstances and comparative advantages.

"On manager research, our focus is on driving further efficiency in how we provide and deliver research, concentrating on our ideas that have the highest chance of succeeding."

Melville expressed delight at joining the strategic advisory team.

"It is a privilege to be part of this team working with asset owners at a time where they are confronted with regulatory scrutiny against a backdrop of a challenging market environment," she said.

"There has never been a greater demand for governance expertise in the investment industry, and I am pleased to be a part of such a strong growth area for the business."

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