Centrepoint streamlines adviser transitioning

Advisers wanting to join Centrepoint Alliance can now do so via an online application, speeding up the process for those looking to transition between dealer groups.

Head of advice services at Centrepoint, Karen Machovsky said the portal eases the transition process, which can be arduous and bogged down by regulatory issues and paperwork.

"We thought long and hard about what we could do to reduce the burden on the transitioning adviser, as it can be a real barrier to exit for those considering a dealer group move," Machovsky said.

Advisers looking to move receive assistance from an assigned dedicated practice transition coordinator and the online portal requires only one instance of data input, with subsequent forms then prepopulated.

"It ensures data is consistent, reducing the possibility of error in the process, and revenue is transferred smoothly and securely," Machovsky explained.

Changing dealer groups requires the adviser's clients to transition to the new licence as well, and Centrepoint will contact every product provider to notify them of the change.

"Our message to advisers is, if you are thinking about leaving your current dealer group but are daunted by the whole process, we have an easy streamlined process and a dedicated person who will guide you through it," Machovsky said.

"This means the transition is quicker, with minimal loss of income and minimal business disruption, while still retaining the quality of due diligence we require."

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