Pilot program to boost AIA staff mental health

A new corporate health program trialled at AIA will allow the life insurer's staff to track their mental health progress.

AIA employees are trialling a new corporate health program from mental health technology company Medibio, which allows the life insurer's employees to check and monitor symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress.

AIA said the new program - currently in a six month pilot phase - would provide its staff with a "wellness snapshot", allowing them to track and make improvements to their mental health over time.

AIA chief executive Damien Mu said the awareness of the impact of mental health issues in Australia was increasing, though noted employers were often left out of the loop until late in the process. Working with staff on the pilot, he said, resonated for that reason.

"We recognise the crucial role mental health plays in an individual's overall health. We want to be involved in early intervention, education and awareness," Mu said.

In a Financial Standard special feature earlier this year, Mu said the life insurer approached mental health by focusing on incorporating prevention with research while raising awareness, adding AIA's wellness platform AIA Vitality was available for all staff, to help incentivise healthy decision making broadly.

"We value the wellbeing of our employees and want to ensure we have both a healthy organisation and a healthy team. That's why we offer a range of options," he said.

"For example, AIA Vitality memberships to support staff in leading longer, healthier, better lives; and one 'Recharge Day' each quarter to support mental wellbeing."

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