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Managed accounts forum unveils new format, adviser focus

The Financial Standard Best Practice Forum on Managed Accounts is introducing an entirely new and innovative format in 2017, placing financial advisers front and centre of the one-day conference.

Financial Standard launches a new program format called the "The Managed Accounts Adviser Showcase", where the entire agenda maps out how financial advisers can adopt managed accounts based on key learnings of financial advisers presenting on the day.

Following a step-by-step 'How-To' guide, the program begins with a presentation of the key trends reshaping the financial advice industry, results of Financial Standard's annual managed accounts adviser survey, and then proceeds to explaining the nuts-and-bolts of adopting managed accounts.

Among the financial advisers speaking at the forum are:

  • Rob McGregor - principal adviser, McGregor Wealth Management
  • Tim Townsend - partner and private wealth adviser, Townsend Cobain Private Wealth Partners
  • Gareth Jakeman - founder and managing director, Praescius Financial Group; chief investment officer and executive chairman of Territory Funds Management
  • Jonathan Hoyle - chief executive officer, Stanford Brown
  • Wayne Lear - chief wealth strategist, Conscious Money
Rainmaker executive director, research and compliance, Alex Dunnin said managed accounts are growing three times faster than the broader platform market.

"It's no surprise that there are more players in this sector now than ever before and that traditional platform operators are adding managed account type functionality into their regular offerings," he said.

"In this way managed accounts are becoming the new baseline in what advisers and discerning investors now expect from their platforms. The rapid growth in managed accounts is forcing some wealth groups to confront some difficult issues."

Conscious Money chief wealth strategist Wayne Lear said there are many benefits for advisers and their clients when using managed accounts.

"Like with anything new, it takes a while for the mainstream to catch up. I wish more advisers used them, but it comes down to education for yourself and your client," Lear said.

"It's not until people build up their own inner knowledge that the true potential of managed accounts will be realised and collectively we can make that change."

The forum will also allow financial advisers to meet the who's who in the managed accounts sector, with leading platforms such as BT Financial Group, HUB24, Macquarie,, Mason Stevens, Netwealth, and Praemium among the presenters, exhibitors and major partners.

Managed accounts experts Watershed and Beulah Capital are also among the presenters.

The Financial Standard Best Practice Forum on Managed Accounts will be held on Thursday, 14 September 2017, at the Cockle Bay Room of the International Convention Centre in Sydney. Last year, more than 180 industry professionals attended the forum. To register or to view the agenda, please click here.

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