Simple Fund 360 picks up AdviserLogic

AdviserLogic clients are now available to use Simple Fund 360, after the software provider integrated with the BGL platform.

The SMSF software provider added in a release that AdviserLogic used the free BGL application programming interface (API) to integrate with its software suite, meaning DataLogic could extract data from Simple Fund 360.

BGL managing director Ron Lesh said the company was pleased that its clients had access to AdviserLogic products.

"BGL is constantly adding industry leader partners that can deliver exceptional products and services to our clients and we're thrilled to now have AdviserLogic on board," Lesh said.

"AdviserLogic has a suite of software products built to assist financial advisers, licensees, brokers, corporate authorised representatives, software providers and AFSL holders to prosper."

AdviserLogic chief executive Daniel Gara said the additional data now available through Simple fund 360 for DataLogic would be welcomed by the firm's adviser clients.

"AdviserLogic is very committed to its direct data feed product, DataLogic that has now grown to include dozens of platforms, fund managers, stock brokers and insurers," Gara said.

"Adding BGL's Simple Fund 360 allows us to offer a comprehensive data set that we know our AFSL and adviser clients will appreciate."

Earlier this year BGL added artificial intelligence to the platform, in a move designed to help firms managing SMSFs to remain compliant while also ensuring incorrectly coded transactions were identified.

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