REI Super announces new partnership

The $1.6 billion super fund for the real estate industry announced a new partnership to power better member outcomes.

REI Super is partnering with Laneway Analytics for data insights specific to user requirements across roles within the super fund.

Laneway Analytics is a data analytics fintech with a data insight platform called Provident Lane and an AI-drive analytics portal.

REI Super will complete the rollout of the Laneway Analytics platform within a one month timeframe.

Under the new arrangement, Laneway Analytics will work with REI Super's management team to provide detailed and actionable data insights around membership trends and behaviours.

REI Super chief executive Mal Smith said: "We are single mindedly focused on providing the best member outcomes we can, and that requires gaining ever deeper insights into our members."

"We are delighted to partner with Laneway Analytics and the team of data scientists to further our capabilities in this area.  This will enable us to further enhance how we serve our members and their needs in the future."

Laneway Analytics chief executive Grant Callaghan said: "The Laneway Analytics approach is unique in the field of data insights. We believe our clients should be able to access an agile offering without the need for in-depth training for users, regardless of the role they hold in a fund."

He added that one of the advantages the fintech has over some of its competitors is a short onboarding time - less than a month - so it can begin delivering insights quickly.

Laneway's Provident Lane function has been designed specifically for super funds and aims to use analytics about fund membership, acquisition, retention and churn profiling to drive business forward.

The AI-driven offering from Laneway Analytics is called Luci and delivers insights about user's role and job context with the aim of increasing user engagement and collaboration levels.

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