Fund manager strengthens alternatives capabilities

Natixis Investment Managers plans to launch a new affiliate - Vauban Infrastructure Partners - dedicated to infrastructure equity investing.

Vauban will be established by transferring the current infrastructure team from Mirova. The team currently manages 2.8 billion Euros in assets.

Natixis said the stand-alone affiliate will allow the team to pursue international growth.

This follows Natixis' launch last year of Flexstone Partners, a global private equity manager, and the acquisition of MV Credit, a private debt specialist, as well as the launch of a co-investment offering for real estate, infrastructure and aviation debt through Ostrum Asset Management and Natixis' corporate and investment banking arm.

Gwenola Chambon has been named chief executive of Vauban Infrastructure Partners and Mounir Corm will be named deputy chief executive.

Chambon said: "We are pleased to become an affiliate of one of the world's leading asset managers. The creation of Vauban Infrastructure Partners is a natural step in our development and will help us to pursue further growth in a market where size matters. We have ambition to continue our European-focused mid-market strategies but also to further explore international expansion."

Mounir added: "Our mission is to continue to deliver long-term sustainable value to all our stakeholders, including investors, local communities, public entities, employees, and industrial partners, with the highest quality of service."

"We aim to double our AUMs over the next years, building on our track record in delivering long-term value in infrastructure investments for our clients."

They will lead the team of 35 from Mirova.

Vauban Infrastructure Partners will cater to institutional investors - including pension funds, insurance companies, financial institutions and family offices - across Europe and Asia.

Natixis says that Vauban will consider long term sustainability of investments and ESG principles as key determinants of long term performance.

The team will specialise in structuring and managing equity funds dedicated to investing in global greenfield and brownfield infrastructure with a focus on transport, utilities, digital infrastructure and social infrastructure.

Natixis chief executive Jean Raby said: "The upcoming launch of Vauban Infrastructure Partners will make a substantial contribution to our alternative and real assets range."

"At a time where the infrastructure investing market is growing significantly, creating a stand-alone specialized affiliate, with an entrepreneurial approach and proven track record, will enable global investors to more easily access the infrastructure investments fitting their specific needs and constraints."

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