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Daily economic round-up

... that the Australian Government would look towards backing local candidates ahead of importing skills, Prime Minister John Howard said the skills shortage had arisen as a result of good management by the government, while the opposition said it was a ...

Daily economic round-up

... Bell said that a failed bank would have to lose 70 per cent of assets before customers would lose any. Prime Minister John Howard has announced that the government intended to spend $10 billion in creating two new army battalions and raising the size ...

Economic round-up

Prime Minister John Howard has announced a range of measures aimed at easing the impact of the fuel crisis bought about by rising crude oil prices, tensions in the Middle East and the increasing demands by the industrial expansion in China and India. ...

Qld to dominate Future Fund board of guardians

... or directly invest in projects, and all fund earnings will be reinvested into the Future Fund until Prime Minister John Howard retires in 2020. Even though direct investments are precluded, the Future Fund is nonetheless expected to be very interested ...

PM Howard to outline 4th term agenda after historic win

AAP  |  MONDAY, 11 OCT 2004
Prime Minister John Howard will today outline his fourth term agenda after his historic election win, which is likely to see the coalition control the numbers in the Senate. Mr Howard had a low-key day yesterday after his emphatic victory on Saturday ...

PM Howard announces tax offest for mature workers

AAP  |  THURSDAY, 9 SEP 2004
Prime Minister John Howard today announced a new tax offset for mature aged workers. The tax break will be available to people over the age of 55 and will provide a maximum annual rebate of $500. Mr Howard said he estimated 750,000 mature age workers ...

Labor taking with one hand while giving with another; PM

... taking with one hand while claiming to give with the other under Labor\'s tax and family policy package, Prime Minister John Howard said today. Labor has promised tax relief of up to $8 a week for the bulk of taxpayers who earn $52,000 a year or less ...

Aust govt to support ALP amendments on FTA

AAP  |  THURSDAY, 12 AUG 2004
... to the free trade agreement with the United States despite concerns about the impact of the changes, Prime Minister John Howard said today. \"The government has decided that the common sense thing to do is to support the amendments, but warn, as I do ...

Super changes bad for workers, ACTU

AAP  |  THURSDAY, 8 JUL 2004
... and those whose superannuation was not printed on their pay slips, would be especially vulnerable. Prime Minister John Howard announced the change last night as part of a package to ease the paperwork burden on 1.2 million businesses.

Super compliance to ease: PM

Prime Minister John Howard announced changes to the superannuation guarantee arrangements last night, removing the need for small business to report quarterly superannuation contributions to employees. Announced as part of a paper, Committed To Small ...