BT adds extra capability to life quote software

Financial advisers using BT's life insurance quote and application software will enjoy new enhancements after the wealth group rolled out an update.

Two new features have found their way into BT's LifeCENTRAL+ and are set to make life easier for financial advisers looking for life cover for clients.

A new split payment option for policies linked inside and outside super has been added to the software, ensuring advisers can see the breakdown of the split payments on LifeCENTRAL+, which BT said will mean greater simplicity and convenience for advisers with clients considering flexi-linking or superlinking.

BT added that because the split quotes feature can show the different payment frequencies across both super and non-super, LifeCENTRAL+ might help clients understand in practice how flexi and super-linking works, given it involves holding different policy components in two different environments.

The software is also now integrated with the OmniLife risk research tool, which will allow advisers to populate client data within Omnilife, which is set to save advisers time and increase record keeping quality.

BT acting head of product, life insurance Sean Boner said the wealth manager was committed to reducing the complexities of life insurance.

"We're pleased to be able to offer these latest upgrades as we continually improve LifeCENTRAL+ for advisers and their clients," he said.

"Life insurance can seem complex and obtaining cover does take time. We are committed to finding ways to make the customer experience easier, more streamlined and efficient."

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