ISA reaffirms stance on super guarantee

ISA said too many Australians, particularly women, are retiring without enough super and the increase to 12% is central to fixing the problem.

"ISA analysis shows more than eight million Australians could be worse off in retirement if the super rate is cut, losing more than $14.1 billion in super a year, or around $1630 a year for the average person," ISA said.

"For an average 30-year-old couple working full time, detailed modelling shows cutting the super guarantee increase would deprive them of up to $200,000 in super by the time they retire."

ISA argued that pressure on the pension would also be relieved if the super guarantee was increased.

"Australia's super system is one of the best in the world, and is already helping millions of workers retire in dignity and ease the burden on the pension - but it is still maturing and there are inefficiencies and inequities that can be improved," ISA said.

ISA's submission to the review recommended that super funds need to meet performance benchmarks or be removed from the system by APRA, expanding workplace award coverage and lowering the taper rate to $2 to remove a disincentive to save for middle income earners.

It also recommended examining tax concessions, increasing the low income superannuation tax offset and making super payable on the day.

ISA chief executive Bernie Dean said the only way to give Australia's dignity, choice and control in retirement is for the government to keep its promise to increase the super guarantee.

"Our universal super system is one of the best in the world but it's still maturing. This is an opportunity to fix any inefficiencies so Australians get the maximum value out of the increase in the super rate," Dean said.

"This review can't be used to tear down our successful system, whether that's by making super optional or freezing the super guarantee."

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