Ex-ANZ adviser goes solo

A former senior ANZ financial adviser has started her own practice, choosing RI Advice as licensee.

Alysia Laird told Financial Standard she started Zebra after 16 years with ANZ, when things started to shift for financial advisers at the big bank.

"The duties of a financial planner wouldn't change but relationships with ongoing clients were potentially going to change," Laird explained.

Laird chose RI Advice as her licensee after researching her options once she made the decision to go independent.

"I feel like they have the scale to survive in the new world. With ASIC 515 and all the extra requirements I had a few people warn me off the smaller licensees who may not be able to," she said.

While Laird is fully qualified with a relevant degree, she does have to do the FASEA ethics course and exam like all other advisers - she said she hopes to complete these hurdles by early next year. Though, compliance issues don't present a challenge for Laird.

"ANZ has always been very compliance focussed so I feel I have really good background there," she said.

At the moment Laird is running Zebra by herself with support from RI Advice, but she hinted that a couple of advisers might be joining the practice in the future.

Further, the majority of Zebra's existing clients are retirees, but Laird said she is looking to move into a new market.

"If there was another segment I'll be targeting going forward it will be the 40-50 market where - in Sydney especially. We potentially have a lot of debt, potentially have young kids, should start thinking about super but possibly haven't and insurance is getting expensive because we're getting older. Essentially me and my mates," she said.

As for the name, Laird explained: "No two zebras have the same stripes, no two humans have the same fingerprints and no two clients have the same needs."

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