eInvest to grow active ETFs

Active ETF distributor eInvest will expand its distribution model over the coming year.

The firm - founded by senior Perennial Value Management executives - announced it will partner with a range of local and global investment managers across fixed income, equities and responsible investing to provide more active ETF options to clients.

The firm said it took the decision to expand its distribution model to give investors more choice, flexibility and transparency.

"Partnering with independent investment managers at the local and global level is a natural next step in eInvest's continued evolution as a complete provider of Active ETF solutions," managing director Camilla Love said.

"We have the platform to innovate in areas where active management can truly add value and deliver pioneering solutions in response to the changing needs of clients.

"The expansion will give investors choice, flexibility and transparency of independent professionally managed strategies that would otherwise be available to institutional investors."

It follows the firm's launch of an Income Generator Fund last year, which Perennial founder John Murray said at the time was designed to provide investors with regular, reliable monthly income payments, as well as the benefits of active management and diversification, via a low-cost listed structure.

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