Bond fund launches to local investors

A new credit fund has launched to Australian wholesale investors.

The Loomis Sayles World Multi-Asset Credit Fund invests in global investment grade and high yield credit, bank and securitised loans, and emerging markets sectors.

It replicates the $US2.9 billion strategy that launched in 2013. Since inception, the fund's average return is 3.56% per annum.

The fund is co-managed by portfolio managers Andrea DiCenso, Tom Fahey and Kevin Kearns, all based in Boston.

Kearns commented: "Our investment process is fundamentally research-driven, but it is also tactically opportunistic in that we move quickly to capture credit risk premiums around the world in a range of asset classes and credit instruments."

Louise Watson, managing director of Natixis Investment Managers Australia, said investors want a range of fixed-interest securities in their portfolios, to provide diverse sources of income - by geography, industry and sector.

"However, some investors may not have the resources to manage such a diverse portfolio. Outsourcing the asset allocation decisions between the wide range of credit asset classes on offer, allows the investors to be nimble and act on opportunities within fixed interest as they arise.

"Quite a few have told us that by the time they act on an opportunity, it's too late, and they've missed the boat," she said.

Loomis Sayles is an affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers.

Last week, it launched the Loomis Sayles Global Equity Fund to retail investors.

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