BetaShares to list new diversified ETFs

BetaShares has announced it will launch four diversified ETFs on the ASX in December this year.

The diversified ETFs are low cost, all-in-one investment solutions that aim to provide exposure to a blended portfolio of asset classes, including shares, property securities, bonds and cash.

"The management fees for the ETFs are expected to be the lowest amongst diversified ETFs currently available in Australia," BetaShares said.

BetaShares chief executive Alex Vynokur said: "We're excited to be able to offer a simpler way for Australians to access a well-rounded investment portfolio via a single investment.

"It's widely agreed that asset allocation is a major contributing factor to investment returns, yet it is one of the most challenging decisions an investor faces, and one that requires ongoing attention."

BetaShares said the products will obtain its asset-class exposure using ETFs from both BetaShares and other leading ETF managers, and include ETFs that trade in Australia, as well as on overseas exchanges.

"We wanted to bring a solution to the ASX which would allow investors - regardless of age, experience or wealth - the ability to access a robustly constructed portfolio that simplifies the asset allocation process," Vynokur said.

Of the four ETFs being launched, two provide varying allocations to growth assets while the other two provide allocation to defensive assets.

"The flexibility and potential uses for these funds is exceptionally broad. For example, we have many enquiries from younger investors who don't know where to start, parents who are seeking a solution that is simple to use and low cost so they can start investing for their children, and more sophisticated self-managed super fund investors who are looking for a low-cost solution for the core of their portfolios," Vynokur said.

BetaShares said financial advisers will benefit from the funds' ability to streamline the process of managing client portfolios.

"For advisers, our diversified funds will provide low-cost diversified investment solutions that can be utilised either on or off-platform, depending on client needs," Vynokur said.

The company said each diversified ETF's asset allocation and underlying exposures will be reviewed regularly by the BetaShares investment committee and adjusted periodically to ensure they remain consistent with desired target allocations and risk profile.

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