Aussie investors calm about next 12 months

Seven in 10 Australian investors are confident about opportunities in the next 12 months, a sentiment that is more bullish than global counterparts.

Research from Legg Mason polled 16,810 active direct investors globally, including 1000 Australians in its annual global investment survey.

Globally, about 58% said they were confident about investment opportunities in the year ahead while among Aussie investors 68% were confident.

Legg Mason Australia and New Zealand managing director Andy Sowerby said: "Rather than being fearful of market volatility, many investors see this as a long term buying opportunity and say they would invest more in a market correction. Investors appear to be taking a more pragmatic assessment of risk."

More than half (58%) of Aussie investors said their country presents the best investment opportunities over the next year. As their top asset class pick for next year, 41% chose domestic stocks, 37% chose international stocks, 32% chose real estate and 27% chose cash.

The average Aussie investment portfolio had the highest allocation to cash (27%), followed by equities (25%), real estate property/funds (18%), fixed income (16%), alternatives (9%) and gold/precious metals (5%).

About half of the 1000 Aussie respondents had income of $80,000 a year or less. The largest cohort was millennials (37%), followed by baby boomers (33%), GenX (19%) and older (11%).

Australian portfolios have 27% in cash as compared to the least cash-heavy US, where investors held 22% in the asset class.

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