Stockspot releases robo tool for HNW investors
Monday, 21 March 2016 1:04pm

Stockspot has released a personalised automated investment portfolio service targeted at attracting high-net worth investors.

The Stockspot Themes service allows "qualifying investors" to choose from 14 different investment themes which tie into Stockspot's model portfolios and can result in over 1,000 different potential portfolio configurations.

Stockspot chief executive Chris Brycki predicted HNWIs would be particularly attracted to the service given that they are "early adopters of technology and already look to automated investing as an alternative to managing their own investments."

"Up till now, Australians have been attracted to automated investing because of the low fees and convenience. The ability to pick themes gives it a new dimension since customers can have added control over the direction of their portfolio and where their money is invested," Brycki continued.

"We see Themes as the next step on the journey to converting high-net-worth investors, one of our key customer segments, to automated investing.

"Themes lets investors choose the direction of their portfolio, while still accessing the benefits of automated investing which include convenience, regular rebalancing and lower fees."

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