Wealth forecasting engine announces Infocus as first client
Monday, 7 March 2016 12:35pm

Non-aligned wealth manager Infocus is launching a direct-to-consumer financial advice solution in May that will incorporate Morningstar's wealth forecasting engine and investment management services from the Morningstar-owned Ibbotson Associates Australia.

Financial Standard reported in January that Morningstar was about to announce its first engine client, making use of a simulator that projects an investor's future wealth and provides savings rate, retirement age, and asset allocation recommendations for all life stages.

Assets invested through Infocus' direct-to-consumer advice solution will be invested in separately managed accounts (SMAs) offered by Ibbotson Associates Australia.

Infocus Wealth Management managing director Rod Bristow said in addition to outcomes from consumer-driven inputs that can be provided anywhere, anytime, Infocus' direct advice solution will be "part of our overall offer supporting consumers seeking financial advice."

"Our direct advice solution will reduce barriers to taking action, delivering the freedom of a better financial life with just a few clicks," Bristow said.

"Clients can choose to manage their own investments, or seek advice from one of our nearly 200 highly qualified and experienced financial advisers around the country. This not only gives clients flexibility about how they want to engage with financial advice, it also means Infocus advisers will benefit from direct consumers who may also need more personalised financial advice at some point in the future."

Morningstar Australasia chief executive Heather Brilliant said the deployment of the wealth forecasting engine will enable Infocus' clients to "more clearly formulate their financial and retirement savings goals and determine how they can more effectively work towards achieving them. They'll also benefit from the expertise of our investment management group."

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