Macquarie launches robo-advice service
Thursday, 18 February 2016 1:05pm

Macquarie has launched the digital advice service it announced in November 2015.

OwnersAdvisory provides custom portfolio advice across all standard asset classes, determining allocation based on personal goals and a generated risk profile. It sources solutions from a database of over 30,000 investment products.

Users of the service pay a $45 monthly fee to receive general advice, market insights and a "portfolio health score"; for an additional $55 fee they can also receive custom advice about portfolio rebalancing.

"We want to encourage unadvised Australians to become more engaged in managing their finances and investments," said Macquarie Wealth management chief investment officer John O'Connell.

"Technology is offering investors new opportunities to manage their investment strategies online, and they want quality advice and market insights to guide their choices.

"This is an exciting opportunity for consumers. OwnersAdvisory combines technology with Macquarie's vast market intelligence, insights and advisory expertise to inform and engage investors currently operating without traditional advice."

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