AdviserLogic launches updated platform
Friday, 5 February 2016 12:26pm

Software provider AdviserLogic has launched AdviserLogic 2.0, the next iteration of its financial planning platform.

The primary changes to the software appear to be focused on enhancing user experience, mainly via improving the current user interface. AdviserLogic said these updates will be implemented over the coming months.

Explaining the update, AdviserLogic head of product development Daniel Gara said, "We are always conscious of changing adviser needs and are very sensitive to their feedback.

"AdviserLogic 2.0 therefore has both increased functionality and a more modern, fresh look. Our thinking is that the easier to use we make our software, the more time advisers will have to do what they do best - spending time with clients and building relationships."

This follows on from AdviserLogic recently releasing its API so as to allow integration with third-party applications. "What we have created is an open system. Users can now send a message to our server which sends data back to them or, conversely, sends data to us. The API ensures data is encrypted both ways," Gara said at the time.

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