New standards for UNPRI
Friday, 23 March 2012 12:15pm

Colonial First State Global Asset Management, Local Government Super Scheme, Telstra Super, AMP Capital and TWUSUPER are among the 1000 UN responsible investment signatories that will face new mandatory requirements next year.

Dr James Gifford, who helped create the UN backed Principles for Responsible Investment, said the PRI will next year introduce mandatory transparency for responsible investment for all 1,000+ signatories.

"So from next year, all $30 trillion under the PRI will be required to disclosure a comprehensive data set of what they are doing around responsible investment," said Gifford.

"We are now seeing a culture of active ownership amongst world largest investors that we simply didn't see five years ago."

Jon Glass, chief investment officer of Media Super and UNPRI signatory, said that while he could not comment directly on Gifford's comments the super fund strongly supports the UNPRI and has seen a marked increase in interest in responsible investing.

"We are engaged in parallel project to better disclose the assets of portfolio to a membership base which is now a thrust happening in the industry with members that wish to know more about the way their money is invested."

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