Super gets reality check on engagement
By Darren Snyder  |  In Superannuation
9:44 am
Fri, 22 July
Choice chief executive Alan Kirkland told superannuation funds a few home truths this week, relaying several member perceptions about the industry ahead of research to be released by the consumer advocacy group. Read more
"We were wrong about super": FSC chair
By Alex Burke  |  In Superannuation
12:49 pm
Thu, 21 July
The superannuation system was sold incorrectly to Australians, according to the Financial Services Council's new chair Geoff Lloyd. Read more
New $70bn MLC fund gives retail access to unlisted
By Alex Burke  |  In Superannuation
12:41 pm
Thu, 21 July
The scale advantages of the $70 billion merged MLC Super Fund will deliver better returns to members through access to the unlisted space, according to NAB Wealth executive general manager Paul Carter. Read more
Trust ahead of returns for member retention
By Mark Smith  |  In Superannuation
12:40 pm
Thu, 21 July
Members who have changed jobs since joining Equip have for the first time ranked trust ahead of investment returns as the reason for sticking with the fund. Read more
Australia ranks sixth in global pension survey
By Kerrie Sydee  |  In Superannuation
12:28 pm
Thu, 21 July
The 2016 Global Retirement Index (GRI) has ranked Australia sixth in the world for the wellbeing of its retirees, naming engagement as a key factor in improving retirement outcomes. Read more
No progress on super wealth gap in 12 years
By Mark Smith  |  In Superannuation
12:01 pm
Wed, 20 July
The gap in superannuation balances between the rich and the poor and also between men and women has shown little sign of narrowing in the last 12 years, according to the latest annual Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) survey. Read more
Tasplan and RBF merger confirmed
By Kerrie Sydee  |  In Superannuation
11:58 am
Wed, 20 July
The Tasplan and RBF Tasmanian Accumulation Scheme successor fund transfer will go ahead following support from the Tasmanian government. Read more
Property and infrastructure steer REST into positive territory
By Kerrie Sydee  |  In Superannuation
11:55 am
Wed, 20 July
REST industry Super has delivered positive end of financial year results despite volatile global markets, a result the fund attributed to long term investments in property and infrastructure. Read more
Challenger finalises partnerships with three super funds
By Alex Burke  |  In Superannuation
12:05 pm
Tue, 19 July
Challenger is finalising partnerships with three industry super funds to launch annuity products on each. Read more
NAB merger creates largest retail super fund
By Alex Burke  |  In Superannuation
12:34 pm
Thu, 14 July
NAB has merged five of its super funds into one, creating the largest retail fund in the country. Read more
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