MSCI launches new insto global equity risk model
By Alex Burke  |  In Investment
12:42 pm
MSCI has launched a new model to analyse systematic risk in global equity portfolios for institutional investors. Read more
AMP Capital responds to ChinaAMC unitholder offer
By Alex Burke  |  In Investment
12:41 pm
Unitholders in the AMP Capital China Growth Fund (AGF), which is in the final stages of a wind-up, may receive an offer from China Asset Management (ChinaAMC). Read more
Worst 'fat cat' funds have high fee diet
By Mark Smith  |  In Investment
12:32 pm
Automated investment adviser Stockspot branded 638 funds 'fat cats' in its annual survey of superannuation and managed fund performance, revealing high fees as the force behind underachievement. Read more
Lonsec increases global exposure
By Jamie Williamson  |  In Investment
12:04 pm
Lonsec has shifted the strategic asset allocation weights for its traditional balanced risk profile in order to meet investment objectives. Read more
Economic Wrap
By Benjamin Ong  |  In Economics, Investment
10:38 am
US consumer confidence beats expectations but Richmond Fed survey disappoints; Eurozone M3 money supply growth accelerates; Thailand's trade surplus expands. Read more
Valuation dispersion creating opportunity for instos to retilt
By Mark Smith  |  In Investment
12:27 pm
Tue, 27 September
The dispersion in valuations between the cheapest and the most expensive stocks is the widest it has been at any point since the dotcom boom, according to the founder of global asset manager Pzena Investment Management. Read more
Masterfunds grow despite underperformance of platforms
By Jamie Williamson  |  In Investment
12:04 pm
Tue, 27 September
The overall masterfund market grew by $21.4 billion over the last financial year, according to data from Strategic Insight. Read more
Pharmaceuticals and tires top new Thomson Reuters diversity index
By Alex Burke  |  In Investment
11:59 am
Tue, 27 September
Roche Holding AG and the Michelin Group have topped Thomson Reuters' Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) index. Read more
A-REIT added to Asgard platform
By Darren Snyder  |  In Investment
11:55 am
Tue, 27 September
A high conviction, actively managed fund providing access to a diversified portfolio of ASX-listed real estate securities has been added to the Asgard platform. Read more
BKI appoints external investment manager
By Alex Burke  |  In Investment
11:39 am
Mon, 26 September
BKI Investment Company has externalised the management of its investment portfolio. Read more
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