Highest paid industry CEOs revealed
By Laura Millan  |  In Economics
12:05 pm
Australia's most handsomely paid chief executives received eight figure salaries in 2014, the latest research from the Australian Council of Superannuation Investors (ACSI) revealed. Read more
Lead us not into a recession
By Benjamin Ong  |  In Economics
9:40 am
JMK prescribed that governments should tighten the public purse and pay off debts during boom times. Yes, the Australian government is doing that now - but in the midst of a slowdown/deflationary time. Read more
August angst to September mourn
By Benjamin Ong  |  In Economics
10:30 am
Wed, 2 Sep
The known unknown is China central command's inclination, readiness and ability to keep things under control. Read more
Feds still in a hole at the Jackson
By Benjamin Ong  |  In Economics
9:30 am
Mon, 31 Aug
"If you don't know yourself, what are you supposed to say?" Read more
The horse still refuses to drink
By Benjamin Ong  |  In Economics
8:55 am
Fri, 28 Aug
As night follows day, bad news is again followed by calls for the Reserve Bank to cut interest rates one more time. Don't know about you but with interest rates at record low, businesses should be falling all over themselves locking in low borrowing rates ... Read more
The man with the golden jawbone
By Benjamin Ong  |  In Economics
9:30 am
Thu, 27 Aug
'twas Bill -- New York Fed Bank president and FOMC vice-chairman William Dudley - and his jawbone that did it. Read more
It's the Fed, stupid
By Benjamin Ong  |  In Economics
9:45 am
Wed, 26 Aug
Are we barking at the wrong tree? Let me rephrase that, we are barking at the wrong tree. Read more
A$ falls to the occasion
By Benjamin Ong  |  In Economics
10:05 am
Tue, 25 Aug
If this state of affairs goes on for much longer, we might just see something we haven't seen in 14 years - an Australian recession. Read more
Gloom and doom news is good news
By Benjamin Ong  |  In Economics
9:50 am
Mon, 24 Aug
The only problem I have is determining if markets have already bottomed or whether there's more in store before the central banks of the world decide to act - concertedly and in coordination. I don't think any central banker would just sit and wait until ... Read more
Should the Fed re-launch QE?
By Benjamin Ong  |  In Economics
10:10 am
Fri, 21 Aug
Ask not when the Fed would start raising interest rates but whether the Fed should re-launch QE. Read more
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