Markets are stronger than Trump

Ariel Investments president Mellody Hobson believes market fundamentals are stronger than any current geopolitical volatility.

Speaking at the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees Super Investment Conference on the Gold Coast, Hobson said it's dangerous to attempt to orient one's investment decisions around political ephemera - citing Donald Trump and North Korean hostilities as examples.

"Your ultimate question should be around what's going on with individual companies," she explained.

Citing Warren Buffett's idea that "markets are stronger than governments," Hobson argued it would be a tremendous mistake for investors to de-risk in light of recent political turmoil.

"The biggest risk can be not taking one. If you're investing for the longterm and you're not selling down your holdings, you can ride these things out," she said.

"The fundamentals of the businesses you're investing in don't change because of Trump. The reality is that the investment landscape hasn't changed that much."

The one concern Hobson did highlight from an investment perspective was the prospect of a trade war with China, in light of the President's recent threats in regards to ceasing business with any country with an economic stake in North Korea.

She said: "The reality of a trade war with China would be disastrous. Both countries would suffer. If that ratcheted up, it would create problems from which I'm not sure we'd ever recover."

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