Australian Unity appoints trustee GM

Australian Unity's newly-formed trustee business is welcoming the appointment of a general manager.

The internal promotion sees Emma Sakellaris take the top role. She will be responsible for developing the business building a specialist, client-focused team to provide services including estate planning; executor appointments and estate administration; financial attorney; financial and legal administration; and the establishment and management of personal, native title, community and charitable trusts for all Australians.

As part of the team building, Sakellaris has appointed Anna Hacker as national manager, estate planning at Australian Unity Trustees.

Sakellaris joined Australian Unity in 2016 and has more than a decade's experience in the financial services industry.  She previously held a number of senior positions within the industry, including at Equity Trustees and ANZ Trustees.

Hacker started her career as a solicitor with Moores Legal before transitioning into a number of senior leadership roles within the trustee industry, including at Equity Trustees. She has considerable experience in the field of elder law, estate planning and succession law and has assisted a diverse range of clients and their families to establish structures to protect and manage their assets.

"Traditionally, trustee companies have focused on providing services to the wealthy but Australian Unity Trustees has recognised that there is a growing need for trustee services amongst middle income Australians, particularly as the population ages," Sakellaris said.

"An important part of my role will be to ensure we continue to build a high calibre team who can provide an exceptional and caring client experience, including expert support and advice to Australians as they seek to make important decisions about their life and financial affairs, and to protect and care for clients and their families."

Australian Unity group managing director Rohan Mead said there is an increasing need for estate planning and trustee services for middle income Australians as the population ages and as issues such as dementia and blended families become more prevalent.

"Historically, these kinds of services have only been available to the wealthy, with most trustee companies focusing on high net worth families; however Australian Unity has recently launched Australian Unity Trustees, a trustee company that will offer these services to all Australians," Mead said.

The new trustee business forms part of Australian Unity's Personal Financial Services group, which provides strategic financial advice, finance broking and risk broking. It is the first traditional trustee financial services licence issued this century, and the first issued since the establishment of a national licensing framework for traditional trustee activities.

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