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Market Wrap AM
By AAP  |  In Economics
12:35 pm
Fixed income offers little equity risk protection: CFM
By Mark Smith  |  In Investment
12:30 pm
Ultra low interest rates across the developed world mean investors have lost the ability to use fixed income assets as their central pillar of protection against equity market risk. Read more
Australia and Switzerland agree tax crackdown
By Mark Smith  |  In Regulatory
12:30 pm
Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey and Swiss Ambassador Marcel Stutz have agreed to increase cooperation to tackle tax evasion. Read more
European insurers attract dividend seekers
By Alex Dunnin  |  In Insurance, Investment
12:25 pm
Low European interest rates pushing investors to find higher yielding stocks is encouraging them to reconsider the insurance sector. Read more
Baird to launch Sydney not-for-profit "fintech hub"
By Alex Gambotto-Burke  |  In Technology
12:25 pm
NSW Premier Mike Baird has announced the development of Sydney's first financial technology hub. Read more
AustralianSuper inks $1.1bn US property deal
By Laura Millan  |  In Investment, Superannuation
12:25 pm
AustralianSuper undertaken its biggest single direct property transaction and has invested almost $1.1 billion in a property in the United States. Read more
XPLAN is top-rated financial planning software
By Alex Gambotto-Burke  |  In Technology
12:20 pm
IRESS' XPLAN has been rated Australia's best financial planning software in Investment Trends' 2014 Planning Software Benchmarking Report. Read more
Vanguard is Morningstar Fund Manager of the Year
By Alex Gambotto-Burke  |  In Investment
12:20 pm
Vanguard Investments Australia has been awarded 2015 Fund Manager of the Year by Morningstar Australasia. Read more
Market Wrap AM
By AAP  |  In Economics
9:10 am
The Australian market looks set to open lower following falls on Wall Street. Read more
Majority slammed (again), equities dunked, A$ fouled
By Benjamin Ong  |  In Economics
8:30 am
It's the sensible thing to do. Nothing significant has happened and 'things' could change between now and the next meeting - or the next. Read more
Zurich chairman retires, replacement named
By Mark Smith  |  In Executive Appointments
12:35 pm
The chairman of Zurich Financial Services Australia's general insurance, life and investments business, Terry Paradine, is retiring after seven years in the role. Read more
AMP Capital steps into Japanese infra market
By Laura Millan  |  In Investment
12:35 pm
AMP Capital is set to become an investment adviser to GII, a Japanese company that invests in renewable energy assets. Read more
Two advisers join Koda Captial as partners
By Mark Smith  |  In Executive Appointments
12:35 pm
Newly formed private wealth management firm Koda Capital has appointed two key advisers. Read more
BetaShares funds now available on AMP platforms
By Alex Burke  |  In Investment, Superannuation
12:35 pm
Four BetaShares funds have been added to AMP's North, Summit and iAccess super and investment platforms. Read more
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Christopher Page
Christopher Page
Managing Director

Medcraft's appalling speech
I am surprised. More than that, I am astonished, shocked. Last week I was left speechless by the address that the Australian Securities more
Benjamin Ong
Benjamin Ong
Chief Economist

Reflation, rotation and the taper
'Tis being my final type (drivel, to some gentle readers) for the year, we'll take a look back at the 2013 that was to seek the lessons ... read more
Alex Dunnin
Alex Dunnin
Director of Research & Editorial Services

Women-led companies better for investors
The Australian government end last year released its first Gender Equality Scorecard and while the results are discouraging, a separate ... read more
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