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Market Wrap PM
By AAP  |  In Economics
12:10 pm
Thu, 17 Apr

US fight over adviser fiduciary rules nears end
By Alex Dunnin  |  In Financial Planning
12:05 pm
Thu, 17 Apr
While debate in the US wealth management sector regarding improved fiduciary responsibilities for advisers appears to approaching resolution, the price of this resolution is that it has retreated back to just improved disclosure rules. Read more

World Bank issues Kangaroo Green Bond
By James Fernyhough  |  In Superannuation
12:00 pm
Thu, 17 Apr
The World Bank has made its innovative Green Bond available for the first time in Australia, with the issue of $300 million worth of five year fixed rate bonds. Read more

Would Baird premiership mean 'poles and wires' sale?
By James Fernyhough  |  In Superannuation
12:00 pm
Thu, 17 Apr
If Mike Baird becomes the new Premier of New South Wales, the privatisation of the state's electricity distribution infrastructure - the 'poles and wires' - may be back on the agenda. Read more

ANZ head of aligned licensees leaves, joins van Eyk
By Laura Millan  |  In Executive Appointments
11:55 am
Thu, 17 Apr
ANZ Aligned Licensees head of operations has left the group and joined van Eyk Advice as operations manager. Read more

APEC releases Asian Funds Passport discussion paper
By James Fernyhough  |  In Investment
11:55 am
Thu, 17 Apr
The federal government, with Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), has released a consultation paper on the Asia Region Funds Passport. Read more

ANZ launches bank-aligned news site
By Laura Millan  |  In Investment
11:50 am
Thu, 17 Apr
ANZ has launched BlueNotes, a corporate digital publication that includes news, opinion and insights from bank executives. Read more

Challenger backs $4bn global infrastructure business
By Laura Millan  |  In Investment
11:40 am
Thu, 17 Apr
Challenger and Access Capital Advisers (ACA) are set to merge their infrastructure investment operations into a $4 billion boutique infrastructure business called Whitehelm Capital. Read more

Knight Janet
By Benjamin Ong  |  In Economics
9:10 am
Thu, 17 Apr
'Twas a yahoo day on Wall Street overnight not only because of the 6.3% rally in Yahoo, Inc's share price - on better than predicted revenue and bottom line earnings - but also because of positive eco reports and the knight with the shiniest armour of 'em all has spoken in time to "save the day". Read more

Market wrap AM
By AAP  |  In Economics
8:55 am
Thu, 17 Apr
The Australian market looks set to open higher after Wall Street rose for its third session on positive economic news. Read more

What is the future of transition management?
By James Fernyhough  |  In Superannuation
12:40 pm
Wed, 16 Apr
The recent departure of J.P. Morgan from the transition management space - following the departure of Credit Suisse, BNY Mellon and Convergex - has brought the future of this under-the-radar industry into question. Read more

CBA integrates online business banking with MySuper
By James Fernyhough  |  In Superannuation
12:40 pm
Wed, 16 Apr
Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) has taken its campaign to become a major player in employer superannuation up a notch, integrating its business banking services and MySuper product on its online banking tool, NetBank. Read more

FSC lobbies against super "7 year gap"
By Laura Millan  |  In Superannuation
12:35 pm
Wed, 16 Apr
The Financial Services Council (FSC) chief executive John Brogden has asked for superannuation access age to be lifted, to close the "seven year gap" with the pension age. Read more
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