About Financial Standard

The Financial Standard is the publishing division of Rainmaker Group focused on providing trade news, investment analysis and education for superannuation trustees, financial planners, researchers, consultants, investment managers, and professional investors.

In an evolving and complex marketplace, the Financial Standard is a uniquely open forum for the delivery and exchange of information and ideas.

The Financial Standard's investment analysis is its key point of differentiation from any other publication available on the market today. Investment Analysis is generated internally by our intelligence unit and through liaison with leading investment practitioners.

It's Balanced

The Financial Standard Newspaper goes beyond the headlines to address the real issues for today's investment professionals.

The Financial Standard provides the full picture and will help decision makers by providing:

  • Innovative analysis
  • Independent objective assessments
  • Clarity of thinking
  • An easy to use format
  • Broad industry coverage
  • A single reference point
  • Reliability
  • An open forum

It provides new information that is currently not available in the form of Innovative analysis including:

  • Extended coverage
  • Surveys of expectations
  • Quantitative ratings

It provides a public forum for information that is currently only in closed forums, such as:

  • Conventional performance tables
  • Performance attribution analysis
  • Style analysis
  • Money flows

It's a Valuable Reference

The Financial Standard Newspaper offers a range of innovative coverage that cannot be found elsewhere. For the first time, one publication brings together all the information needed to be informed in one place.

Trade news in review looking at the events under four sections:

  • Institutional
  • Wealth Management
  • Financial Markets
  • Economy

Mandate Watch

A review of the movement of mandates by funds, master trusts, wrap accounts, changes in recommended lists, and ratings of managed funds.

Sector Reviews - An analytical review of the different major asset classes

  • Australian Equities
  • International Equities
  • Fixed Interest
  • Property
  • Alternative Investments

Performance Tables

Our proprietary ranking based on three popular performance metrics evaluating fund managers across the different asset classes.

Market Expectations

Every month the Financial Standard conducts a survey on the expectations of different investment professionals for the different asset classes. Each week of the month we will display the expectations of one particular segment of the investment industry:

  • Fund managers
  • Asset consultants & research houses
  • Super funds & master trusts
  • Financial planners & advisers
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